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After defeating the Gloom Hands, you’ll need to light the large brazier in the center of the room. You can toss in a Fire Fruit or Torch, or simply carry the flame from one of the smaller braziers to light the large brazier in the center. Once lit, a chest will appear containing the Hylian Shield.

Link can reach the Light Dragon’s location by utilizing one of the many

While Link can theoretically retrieve the Master Sword at any point (assuming you have the required stamina), there are other ways to retrieve the Master Sword in Tears of the Kingdom. The most straightforward option is to complete the main quests up until Guidance from Ages Past and Find the Fifth Sage, which will naturally lead you to recover the Master Sword in the main quests Trail of the Master Sword and Recovering the Hero’s Sword.

If you’re feeling eager enough, you can instead get the Master Sword early in TotK without doing the aforementioned main quests by simply collecting all The Dragon’s Tears.

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