Retro video game fans have another mini console to content with, this time a recreation of the Atari 400.

Plaion and Retro Games LTD have announced the $119.99 400 Mini, a scaled-down recreation of the 8-bit Atari 400, which first launched in 1979.

The 400 Mini, due out March 28, 2024, includes 25 Atari games pre-installed, each selected from a carousel that includes the likes of Berzerk, Lee, Millipede, Miner 2049er, M.U.L.E., and Star Raiders II. You can save and resume your game at any time, and rewind by up to 30 seconds.

The 400 Mini comes with an updated CX40 joystick dubbed the CXSTICK, which features an additional seven function buttons and USB, making it compatible with a wide range of consoles.

Here are the key features, courtesy of Plaion:

  • A half-sized version of the distinctively styled Atari 400, emulating the whole 8-bit Atari range from the 400 to the 800XL, and the Atari 5200 home console.
  • Also included is a recreation of the classic Atari CX40 joystick, with an additional seven seamlessly integrated function buttons.
  • The ability for players to side-load their own games via a USB stick, with support for cartridge, disk and cassette ROMs.
  • Rewind and save games.
  • HD TV output via HDMI, with 50/60Hz compatibility.
  • Five USB ports which allow for the addition of a modern keyboard, extra joysticks and more.
  • Look and feel of 1979: The 400 Mini has been lovingly crafted using modern technology, from the hard-to-match colors of the original machine to the authentic textures of the plastic casing and membrane keyboard, no compromise was made relative to the iconic 1970s look and feel of the original Atari 400.

The CXSTICK can be bought separately for $29.99. The 400 Mini will be available at and for North American customers.

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