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“Welcome to Liurnia, land of the free and home to invaders”

pc medicalist – July 2023

Upcoming Event Schedule

4:20 – 9:20

Elden ring

Two finger tuesday

In the lands between no one is safe from Queen Marika and the greater will.

4:20 – 9:20

Dark souls – DSRemastered or DS3

Hallow Wednesday

Visiting the Kingdoms of Lordran and Lothric where cursed pilgrimage and fire begins.

4:20 – 9:20


blood-Thirsty thursday

Hunting in this Victorian era decrepit gothic city of Yharnam. 

4:20 – 9:20

elden ring

Swaggy saturday

A swaggy or sweaty Saturday full of invasions. 

Join me in the shenanigans  

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Live on Twitch and Kick. YouTube receives videos for archives to Go back and re-watch any show. 




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