As a lifelong fan of Pokémon, I’m used to seeing other games in the “monster tamer” genre that are clearly inspired by it, from Temtem to Ni no Kuni, but nothing made me do a double take quite like Palworld, aka Pokémon With Guns.

This little fire fox Pal named Foxparks obviously evokes the little fire fox Pokémon Vulpix, and the flaming tail bears a striking similarity to Charmander’s. But while those similarities are easy to see, they’re nothing more than just that: similarities. This is a great example of a Pal that puts its own unique spin on a Pokémon concept.


For instance, Mozzarina’s sleepy face is the exact same as Snorlax’s, except they reversed the direction of the teeth.


Dumud’s face is the same derpy one as Slowpoke’s, right down to the way the mouth hangs open. The only difference is Dumud has teeth on both the top and bottom, whereas Slowpoke only has one set.

A Striking Resemblance

These Pals are largely unique save for signature elements from certain Pokémon.


It’s easy to see that the Pokémon Zebstrika inspired the Pal called Univolt, but enough is different that you wouldn’t likely mistake one for the other.


Similarly, Tocotoco is a weird bird with a green/yellow/black/red design, much like the Pokémon Xatu. It also has a similar beak to Toucannon.

The humanoid body and pointy ears of the dog-warrior Pal known as Anubis looks almost the same as the Pokémon Lucario, although it’s dressed in Egyptian armor.


The insect Pal named Elizabee has the same snatched waist, long arms with pointy bug-hands and dress-like abdomen as the bee Pokémon Vespiquen.


Incineram looks like someone used a Fire Stone on a Zoroark.


The jet-dragon Pal named Jetragon is a dead ringer for the jet-dragon Pokémon Latios and Latias.


Fenglope just looks like Cobalion got caught in a strong wind.


The Pal called Wixen might look like it was inspired by Delphox, and in a sense it might be, but it actually has more in common with a fan-made, alternate design of Delphox.


Verdash could pass as a copy of Cinderace that was colored green, then they stuck on the ears of Leafeon and the distinct mane of Hisuian Arcanine.


Add Lilligant’s crown and Meganium’s eyeballs to Goodra’s body, colored green, and you pretty much have Dinossom.



It’s Like Looking Into a Mirror

And finally, these Pals are almost mirror images of their Pokémon counterparts.


Direhowl is little more than a recolored Lycanroc and you can’t convince me otherwise.

These are all the Pals I thought had some similarities to Pokémon. Were there any others that caught your eye? And how do you feel about all this? Let us know in the comments.