Welcome PlayStation players! This is ByungJik from Urban Wolf Games here to share some exciting news. Yes, it’s true, Legendary Tales is coming to PlayStation VR2 later this year, and we’re here to share with you some information about the game and its development.

So, what kind of game is it? A dark fantasy RPG with medieval weapons, armor, dazzling magic, an RPG attribute system, skill trees, and dungeons. Not enough? Well, we’ve got crafting, potion making, randomly generated items, collectible items, and a quest-driven storyline. 

We’ve spent a long time developing this and we are so happy to be here. Today it is my pleasure to introduce to you the design philosophy that went behind building this fantastic VR adventure.

Designed from the ground up for Multiplayer VR

When we first started working on Legendary Tales, we wanted it to be a multiplayer VR experience from the get-go. I was obsessed with making players feel immersed in the world together, and it’s been the driving force behind our entire development process. Every feature, every part of the gameplay was considered only for VR since the beginning. 

As examples, what if we can powerbomb enemies? What if you can damage enemies with the crossguard of your sword? You can do all this with your friends in multiplayer. 

Physics-based fighting

Legendary Tales is a physics-based VR game, and we want every hit to feel impactful. This was also what led us to develop our hard-hitting parrying system. We’re all about satisfying feedback, and strive to make players feel the power of their strikes through the reaction of their enemies.

Traits and skill trees, reimagined in VR

All RPG gamers dream of forging and embodying their dream hero, and that’s especially true of VR gamers. A basic RPG game has class systems, including fighters, rogues, wizards, etc. But what if someone wants to be a magic fighter? Or fight with their bare hands? We didn’t want to be limited by class systems and designed skills and attributes to embrace playstyle freedom. So, the question is, what do you want to be?

Dark fantasy dungeons, quests, monsters, and bosses

VR is the perfect way to escape to a fictional world. Legendary Tales is set in a dark fantasy world, where monsters, magic, and exciting quests lurk around every corner. Every type of monster has its own fighting method and style you will have to master to fight against them most effectively. Some monsters are stronger, and some are craftier, with named monsters having their own fighting and movement patterns, can you master them all?

Unique PS VR2 features

We’ve done our best to utilize PlayStation VR2’s immersive features in Legendary Tales. The game supports 4K HDR, eye tracking, adaptive triggers, headset haptics, Ultra-Sharp Dynamic Foveation Rendering (2.0-2.4 times higher than original resolution.) All of this while keeping it running at a native 90 FPS. It wasn’t easy, but we made it happen. And we hope you enjoy it.

That’s all from us. I hope this news has piqued your interest. Remember, Legendary Tales is a challenging game and not for the faint of heart. If you want to take on the mantle of a Legendary hero, be prepared to take on an arduous journey.

You can start making your own Legendary Tales when the game hits PS VR2 later this year.