While co-op third-person shooter Helldivers 2 has gone down well with players and become Sony’s biggest ever PC game launch, it has continued to struggle with login issues and rewards not tracking, even forcing its developer to roll back a patch due to performance problems.

Helldivers 2 developer Arrowhead Game Studios released patch 01.000.005 for the game on Steam yesterday, January 12. The update was designed to tackle the main issues impacting players’ ability to log in, but it caused performance problems, which in turn caused Arrowhead to roll the patch back.

“We have rolled back the patch due to some users experiencing significant degradation in performance,” Arrowhead said in a note on the Helldivers Discord. “The mission reward fix will not be affected by this.”

In the patch notes for update 01.000.005, Arrowhead promised to compensate players for lost rewards via an increased reward event. Much of Helldivers 2’s progression is gained from mission rewards, which makes this a particularly bad problem for players trying to grow their avatars more powerful.

Meanwhile, today, February 13, Arrowhead rolled out a patch for the PS5 version that addresses server capacity, login capacity progression, and mission rewards. It’s the same as the PC patch, but Arrowhead said it does not anticipate performance problems on PS5. “We are currently investigating that issue with the PC build from yesterday,” the developer said.

Arrowhead CEO Johan Pilestedt had previously issued an apology to players and explained how the servers had struggled to cope with the onslaught of players following last week’s launch. Meanwhile, Helldivers 2 players have already established an “unspoken” co-op etiquette.

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