Hello, I’m Chikara Saito (a.k.a. Rickey), director of Foamstars. As the name suggests, Foamstars is a game that features copious amounts of soft, fluffy foam. However, the path that we took to actually represent that foam in digital space was much longer and tougher than we initially thought it would be.

Our experience of bringing the foam in Foamstars to life was anything but soft and fluffy, and today, I would like to tell you the tale of our trials and tribulations in the world of foam!

The first obstacle that we ran into when we started developing Foamstars was the processing power required.

In Foamstars, players can fire off as much foam as they like, and that foam flies off as fluffy bubbles throughout the whole space.

This is a huge part of what makes the game so unique, but bear in mind that up to 8 players playing together online can fire off foam at the same time – some of them in separate places, quite far away from one another – so we had to be able to sync up each instance of foam in real time.

This alone accounted for a considerable amount of load on the CPU, but on top of that, we also realised another game mechanic that is crucial to Foamstars’ gameplay: foam remaining in place and piling up to change the stage’s topography. These things together put an enormous burden on the CPU.

This meant that in the first test build of the game, we could only make about 10 shots worth of foam remain on the ground, and I can still clearly remember the feeling of disappointment as I thought to myself, “This isn’t enough to make a fun game.”

But just as I was facing this pressure to alter the direction of the game to account for these limitations, the programming team stepped in and showed me a better way!

They had the fantastic idea to dynamically alter Unreal Engine 4’s Landscape tool!

This system was originally designed for sculpting rugged terrain ahead of time, but thanks to the ingenuity and hard work of the programming team, we were able to dynamically alter the Landscape tool so that it could be influenced by player interactions during actual gameplay.

Thanks to this system, we didn’t have to manage and express each instance of foam on an object-by-object basis, but rather, we could handle the foam as vertex data instead.

This significantly reduced the load on the CPU, and made it feel much more thrilling as an actual game as well.

The test map began as a single, flat plane stretching out ahead of you. As I watched it transform dynamically due to the actions of the players, I realised that we created an experience that could only come from a medium of entertainment where worlds are interactive. It was like a jolt of lightning that reached me in my pit of despair – I can still remember that sensation clearly to this day.

All PlayStation Plus members can redeem, download and play Foamstars at no extra cost from now until March 4 on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Join the foam-blasting frenzy!

Hey everyone, Foamstars Producer Kosuke Okatani here. It’s only about a week left until the release of Foamstars and I can’t explain how excited we are. From February 6, you’ll be able to join the party and take on your rivals in fast-paced foam-filled multiplayer action. 

What’s more, it launches as a PlayStation Plus February Monthly Game, so anyone with an active PlayStation Plus subscription can get and play the game at no additional cost. Everyone is welcome! (Foamstars will become available for purchase for $29.99 for all PlayStation players from March 5).

During today’s State of Play, we revealed what to expect from Season 1 and Foamstars as a whole. In addition to ranked matches and seasonal limited-time content, characters, maps, and even additional game modes will be released over the span of a year. In this article, I’d like to introduce some of the things that will be added through updates, and give you some information about the first season, Starry Pop. 

Ranked Party – Compete solo or with a team

In Foamstars, there are two types of ranked matches. You can compete solo in Ranked Party Lonestar or with a team in Ranked Party Tribe-Vibe, both of which will be available to play for during a specific period each season.

Ranked Party will be available every season and reaching the higher ranks will result in glorious in-game rewards such as player icons. 

Ranks are categorized into seven tiers: Bronze Star, Silver Star, Gold Star, Platinum Star, Diamond Star, Superstar, and Party Legend. Please try it out and aim to be a Party Legend.

Extreme Party – Get groovy with crazy rules

These are limited-time events that will be held on two weekends every season. Players will be able to battle with different rules that change each season.

In Starry Pop, two modes will be available to play: the first, all players will use Mel T and the second, all players will be invisible. In the latter, players will need to find and take out the opposing team while all players are invisible! So how do you find each other? Foam fired will stick to you and opponents alike making this quite different from your typical game mode.

Happy Friyay Party – Test out next season’s Foamstar

The Happy Friyay Party will be held twice a month on the weekends. While celebrating the weekend, players will be able to test out the new Foamstar that will be released the following season. 

In Starry Pop, you’ll be able to try out Coiff Guy so please don’t forget to join the Happy Friyay Party. 

Season Pass updates every season

The Season Pass which will be updated every season allows players to increase their tier by earning XP from playing the game. Rewards will be unlocked as player’s tiers increase. Players who purchase the paid Premium Pass will have immediate access to certain rewards.  

Style the Foamstars

We want everyone to customize the Foamstars to their preference, so we have prepared a wealth of cosmetic skins available to unlock for free or through purchase. There are also season-limited skins that are available to buy, so please check them out. 

 Upcoming Season information for Foamstars

Foamstars will have content updates over a year-long span with seasons updating approximately every month.

There will be updates to the Season Pass, Ranked Party, Extreme Party, and new skins available every season.

We also plan to release new characters, maps, and a game mode depending on the season. 

For detailed information, please take a look at the roadmap below.

I hope that everyone will be able to casually enjoy the variety of limited-time weekend events and lighter gameplay content that we are preparing.

I’m really looking forward to seeing you all at the Foamstars party from February 6.

Hey everyone, Foamstars Producer Kosuke Okatani here. We’ve kept all of you waiting since the announcement of Foamstars May of last year, but we’re happy to announce that Foamstars will release on February 6, 2024!

Foamstars will be included as a game in the PlayStation Plus Monthly Games lineup* for February and we’re ecstatic to be able to offer a chance to play.

A party for everyone

Foamstars is a brand-new 4v4 shooting game where players can enjoy a combination of a party-like atmosphere where mysterious foam builds up around you, and the intense moments during battle.

Foamstars launches as a PlayStation Plus Monthly Game on Feb 6

We developed Foamstars with the concept of creating a game that everyone could enjoy. Whether you’re a player who wants to play tactically and test your skills to achieve victory, or a player who wants to just casually party with friends, you will find something to enjoy in Foamstars. Please try it out during its inclusion in the PlayStation Plus Monthly Games. 

Three Foamtastic game modes

On top of the two game modes previously released in the Foamstar Open Beta Party, the just-announced third mode, Rubber Duck Party, will be playable from launch.

Smash The Star – Work together to knock out the Star Player

Win by taking down the opposition’s designated Star Player. After defeating 7 players from the opposing team, one of the remaining players will be granted several buffs and appointed the Star Player. Work together to fight to overwhelm their Star Player while protecting your own!

Happy Bath Survival – A crazy battle in and out of the arena!

Featuring split teams with half inside the arena and half outside of reach for each round, competing to take down the opposing team’s players inside the arena first. Outside players can assist their teammates with defensive foam, while inside players fight up close for victory.

Rubber Duck Party – Fight to dance on the duck and reach the goal!

Get ready for a foam party like no other! Teams must race to the center of the stage and fight for possession of the rubber duck, as climbing aboard will advance it into the opposition’s goal. Dancing on the duck’s head will make it sprint towards the finish line to win the match.

Players will need to utilize teamwork to foam the battlefield allowing for quicker traversal of the large map and to defend the rubber duck from the opposition’s control. With no respawn limit in this game mode, players can focus on the objective to make big plays.

Mission Mode – Enjoy solo or with friends

Protect Bath Vegas from an onslaught of Bubble Beasties in Mission Mode. Take on the challenge solo in Foamstar Mission or work together with up to 3 friends in Squad Mission.

Foamstar Mission – Solo missions

This is a great mode for those new to Bath Vegas. Here, you can try out the six characters and learn how to play them.

Players can also get to know more about each character as each has their own dialogue prepared.

Squad Mission – Cooperative missions

These are team missions where players can cooperate with up to 3 friends to take on the challenge.

During the mission, players will be able to upgrade their Foamstars with different effects that are earned by clearing waves.

Unlock rewards by completing challenges

We have prepared challenges that reward players upon completion. Some rewards can only be received by completing challenges, so try them all.

Additionally, there are three types of challenges: Anytime, Events, and Weekly – each with varying rewards.

For example, The Baristador character is unlockable by clearing the Reach Player Level 3 Anytime challenge.

The Year of Foam

Foamstars will receive seasonal updates over the span of one year. Also, a Season Pass will be available for each season, offering a plethora of bonus items. Players can increase their tier by earning XP from battling or completing missions. Rewards will be unlocked as player’s tiers increase.

In the first season pass that will be available at launch, Mel T will be unlockable as a reward (players who purchase the Premium Pass will unlock the character immediately).

On top of seasonal exclusive content and skins—additional characters, maps, and modes will also be released throughout the year so please look forward to the yearlong Foamstars Party.

*All PlayStation Plus members will be able to redeem, download and play Foamstars at no extra cost from February 6 to March 4.