Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the newest installment in the Final Fantasy VII remake project and one of 2024’s most-anticipated games, tells the tale of main protagonist Cloud Strife and his loyal companions who explore a massive world outside Midgar, the city of Mako, as they pursue Sephiroth, one of the most iconic antagonists in video game history. 

Ahead of the full game’s release on February 29, the demo releasing today allows you to not only take control of the protagonist, Cloud, but take full control of the legendary swordsman Sephiroth in battle. You will be able to play as Sephiroth as part of the extended flashback section, as Cloud recalls an earlier mission in his career as a Soldier – the Nibelheim incident. Taking place several years before the events of the game, this will set the stage for several important moments within Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. What’s more, we’re planning to release an update later this month that will allow you to explore part of the Junon region before the release of the full game on February 29. We hope you’ll take this opportunity to venture into the world of Final Fantasy VII!

State of Play Recap: Final Fantasy VII Rebirth demo out today, 11 minutes of new gameplay revealed

Today’s State of Play includes a new trailer focusing on the story of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth alongside around 11 minutes of never-before seen gameplay. This footage includes the world premiere of many unseen elements of the game: an overview of the world map, ways to get around the expansive world including a wide range of vehicles and mounts, varied exploration, minigames, and much more.

It’s a must-see, both for those excitedly awaiting Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and those who have yet to dive into the world of Final Fantasy VII.

Highlights from the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth gameplay 

The around 11 minutes of gameplay footage showcases the following elements of the game:

The stage for your new adventure: a gigantic world map, connected seamlessly

The stage for the adventure of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a gigantic world map, constructed of several areas seamlessly joined together.

The footage showcases a wide range of ways to get around the expansive map, from Chocobos – that Final Fantasy series mainstay – to buggies and wheelies. Chocobos will be of particular help to Cloud and his companions, since they have different abilities in each area. Some can swim through raging currents, jump over mushroom footholds, or even scale sheer cliffs.

Many points of interests to explore on the world map

In the vast field areas, there are all kinds of points of interest to explore that will call to your sense of adventure. Broadly speaking, the first category is World Intel – where you survey the world, fighting fearsome foes and seeking out various resources or hidden treasures as you go. The second type is odd jobs, which delve deeper into the world and characters. Today, we’ve introduced sanctuaries, which reveal knowledge on this game’s summons, helping Cloud and his companions conquer them to subsequently call on their power in battle.

Unique and colorful minigames scattered throughout different regions of the world

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has a diverse range of minigames all throughout its world. And they’re of an even greater scale than the many minigames in the original Final Fantasy VII! The development team’s recommendation is the card game Queen’s Blood, and you can collect cards from the early part of the game, so you can enjoy thinking up and building a powerful deck that’s unique to you. Some of the minigames are just as fun to watch as they are to play, so they’re perfect to play when you feel like taking a breather from the main story.

Epic cinematic storytelling with stunning graphics

The emotional storytelling experience has been refined even further in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. The high-quality, rich graphics that use the PlayStation 5 console’s ultra-fast SSD to its fullest can show the subtle nuances of the emotional state of the characters, further elevating the narrative experience its depiction of Cloud and his companions forging ever-stronger bonds. 

More detailed and nuanced facial animations will lend additional depth to the characters’ journeys, especially as Cloud and his friends face down the destiny that awaits them at their story’s end.

New and improved ways to deepen your relationships with your companions through gameplay

The bonds between the characters established over the course of the story are now important to all aspects of gameplay. Cloud’s relationship with his companions will change according to his actions and dialogue choices, impacting most notably the well-loved date event scene from the original game. In addition to date partners players of the original Final Fantasy VII can expect, the team has prepared some new partners plus an expanded date sequence within the Gold Saucer, so there’s plenty to look forward to. And if you increase your party level, which shows the bond between the entire team, characters will be able to achieve their true potential in combat. There are lots of synergy skills that characters with a close relationship can perform, so you can overwhelm foes with your favorite characters and special moves.

The footage from State of Play also reveals plenty of other content that we didn’t cover in this blog, so it’s definitely worth a watch. And if this piqued your interest, we hope you’ll experience the new and expanded world of Final Fantasy VII in the demo, released today.

It’s not long now until the release of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth on Thursday February 29. We’re so excited to be able to get this game into your hands and for you to play the game for yourselves!

Hi PlayStation Blog readers! We are very excited to share the newest trailer for Dragon’s Dogma 2 revealed today during State of Play. In this article we will be diving deeper into some of the information revealed in it: the brand new Warfarer vocation, the vocation maisters, and the mysterious dragonsplague.

New Dragon’s Dogma 2 trailer showcases Warfarer vocation, out March 22

Introducing the Warfarer vocation

Wield a greatsword, chant high-level magick, and deceive enemies with illusions. The Warfarer is a vocation that allows you to engage in combat while switching between the weapons of other vocations.

The Warfarer is a vocation exclusive to the main character, the Arisen. Warfarers can use all weapon types and learn the core skills of all vocations. It is the “ultimate vocation,” so to speak. Some vocations excel at close combat, or are skilled at support, and the Warfarer can utilize the strengths of each vocation as the situation demands. The Warfarer has the potential to release powerful combos, such as using Trickster skills to deceive enemies and open opportunities to chant powerful attack magick.

However, the Warfarer is not an all-mighty vocation. Their basic stats are not high, and they must carry many weapons in order to use their various skills. They will require the player’s skill to exploit strengths in different situations, or else the vocation will remain a lesser version of each of the respective vocations.

Lennart, the Fighter vocation maister: a swordsman with remarkable combat and leadership skills.

The vocation maister for the Mystic Spearhand, Sigurd. He wanders from place to place seeking out dragons

Only those who have honed their skills and adaptability will be able to bring out the full potential of this vocation.

Create an ice platform with your archistaff and attack the enemy with a greatsword. It is up to the player to connect combos utilizing different weapons.

Vocation maisters

Around the world of Dragon’s Dogma 2, there are vocation maisters, who have mastered their respective vocations.

As you deepen your relationship with vocation maisters and earn their approval, they may grant you special tomes that will allow you to unlock new vocations or acquire skills known as “maister’s teachings”. Can you find all the vocation maisters?

The Maister’s Teaching for the Archer, Heavenly Shot. This fires an arrow of maximum power in exchange for consuming all of the player’s stamina.

Wild Furie, the Maister’s Teaching for the Mystic Spearhand. Creating a double out of magick, it allows the player to deal both magick and physical damage.


Dragonsplague is a contagious disease-like status that infects Pawns under certain conditions. While affected, the Pawn’s basic stats will improve and their behavior will change. It spreads among Pawns on their travels between worlds, and in the early stages of the illness, the afflicted Pawn won’t fall ill, but rather displays abilities and confidence that exceed what they would normally have. In the later stages of the illness, however, the dragonsplague is said to result in devastating calamity. There is little information on dragonsplague in this world, and its veracity is questionable, nor is it clear what the devastating calamity refers to.

It seems to be a rare illness, but if someone in the party is unnaturally bossy or overly active, they may have contracted dragonsplague. Should you look for a cure? Or will you see it as a positive boost to their strength and continue your journey? Again, the decision is up to the player.

As the illness advances, the Pawn’s appearance seems to be affected.

That’s all for today, thank you for reading! You can pre-order the Standard Edition or the Digital Deluxe Edition of Dragon’s Dogma 2 now at PlayStation Store. Dragon’s Dogma 2 will release worldwide on March 22.

If you missed the live broadcast of the latest State of Play, you can find the full show, all the individual trailers and the announcements collected in one handy list below. Enjoy. 

Everything revealed in the January 2024 State of Play 

State of Play: All the trailers 

Dave the Diver 

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Death Stranding 2 On The Beach 

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Dragon’s Dogma 2

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Helldivers 2

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Legendary Tales

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Metro Awakening 

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Rise of the Ronin 

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Silent Hill: The Short Message 

Everything revealed in the January 2024 State of Play 

Silent Hill 2 

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Sonic X Shadow Generations

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Stellar Blade

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Until Dawn

Everything revealed in the January 2024 State of Play 

V Rising 

Everything revealed in the January 2024 State of Play 

Zenless Zone Zero

Everything revealed in the January 2024 State of Play 

State of Play: All Announcements

  • Sega reveals Sonic X Shadow Generations
  • Stellar Blade arrives only on PS5 April 26
  • Hoyoverse’s action-RPG Zenless Zone Zero is coming to PS5
  • Silent Hill: The Short Message now available free on PS5, new Silent Hill 2 remake trailer revealed
  • New Judas story trailer from Ghost Story Games revealed
  • Metro Awakening is coming to PS VR2
  • Square Enix reveals Foamstars Season 1 content details
  • Dave the Diver splashes onto PS5 and PS4 this April, Godzilla DLC revealed
  • Become the ultimate vampire In V Rising, coming to PS5 this year
  • New Rise of the Ronin gameplay trailer showcases combat, traversal, and player choice
  • An enhanced version of Until Dawn comes to PS5 and PC this year
  • Legendary Tales lets you forge your RPG destiny on PS VR2 February 8
  • New Dragon’s Dogma 2 trailer showcases Warfarer vocation, out March 22

Welcome PlayStation players! This is ByungJik from Urban Wolf Games here to share some exciting news. Yes, it’s true, Legendary Tales is coming to PlayStation VR2 later this year, and we’re here to share with you some information about the game and its development.

So, what kind of game is it? A dark fantasy RPG with medieval weapons, armor, dazzling magic, an RPG attribute system, skill trees, and dungeons. Not enough? Well, we’ve got crafting, potion making, randomly generated items, collectible items, and a quest-driven storyline. 

We’ve spent a long time developing this and we are so happy to be here. Today it is my pleasure to introduce to you the design philosophy that went behind building this fantastic VR adventure.

Designed from the ground up for Multiplayer VR

When we first started working on Legendary Tales, we wanted it to be a multiplayer VR experience from the get-go. I was obsessed with making players feel immersed in the world together, and it’s been the driving force behind our entire development process. Every feature, every part of the gameplay was considered only for VR since the beginning. 

As examples, what if we can powerbomb enemies? What if you can damage enemies with the crossguard of your sword? You can do all this with your friends in multiplayer. 

Physics-based fighting

Legendary Tales is a physics-based VR game, and we want every hit to feel impactful. This was also what led us to develop our hard-hitting parrying system. We’re all about satisfying feedback, and strive to make players feel the power of their strikes through the reaction of their enemies.

Traits and skill trees, reimagined in VR

All RPG gamers dream of forging and embodying their dream hero, and that’s especially true of VR gamers. A basic RPG game has class systems, including fighters, rogues, wizards, etc. But what if someone wants to be a magic fighter? Or fight with their bare hands? We didn’t want to be limited by class systems and designed skills and attributes to embrace playstyle freedom. So, the question is, what do you want to be?

Dark fantasy dungeons, quests, monsters, and bosses

VR is the perfect way to escape to a fictional world. Legendary Tales is set in a dark fantasy world, where monsters, magic, and exciting quests lurk around every corner. Every type of monster has its own fighting method and style you will have to master to fight against them most effectively. Some monsters are stronger, and some are craftier, with named monsters having their own fighting and movement patterns, can you master them all?

Unique PS VR2 features

We’ve done our best to utilize PlayStation VR2’s immersive features in Legendary Tales. The game supports 4K HDR, eye tracking, adaptive triggers, headset haptics, Ultra-Sharp Dynamic Foveation Rendering (2.0-2.4 times higher than original resolution.) All of this while keeping it running at a native 90 FPS. It wasn’t easy, but we made it happen. And we hope you enjoy it.

That’s all from us. I hope this news has piqued your interest. Remember, Legendary Tales is a challenging game and not for the faint of heart. If you want to take on the mantle of a Legendary hero, be prepared to take on an arduous journey.

You can start making your own Legendary Tales when the game hits PS VR2 later this year.

Today we’re excited to share a new look at the action-packed gameplay of Rise of the Ronin. We at Team Ninja are crafting a liberating open world bristling with tense combat opportunities that are woven together with a complex storyline. Let’s take a new look at freeform traversal options, combat mechanics, and the development of character relationships based on your actions.

New Rise of the Ronin gameplay trailer showcases combat, traversal, and player choice

Fighting like a Ronin

A variety of weapons are available for battling your enemies. In addition to Team Ninja’s signature swordplay, you can wield Japanese spears and ranged firearms, including foreign pistols. 

Hybrid Japanese-western weapons are also options. Use the the flamethrower-like Fire Pipe to roast groups and ignite flammable barrels or wield the bayonet to deflect blades and counter rifle blasts. Choosing your combat style and keeping your enemies’ armaments in mind is key to gaining advantage in battle.

As Team Ninja fans know, timing is key in melee combat. The new trailer showcases a heated battle between swordsmen where stance selection, blocking, and timed parries are critical to defeating foes. You can also wield a versatile Grappling Rope to pull distant enemies in during fights or perform a stealthy takedown on an unaware sentry. Players can also use the rope to launch themselves towards foes and close the gap.

Prepare to use every tool available to overcome the fearsome threats facing our fated Ronin.

Traversing Japan

Plenty of choices are available when covering ground in late 19th century Japan. Your grappling rope is useful outside combat to scale rooftops and other heights, allowing you to gain leverage in a flash. Mounting a trusty horse also allows you to gallop across open fields to mission objectives faster.

The ingenious Avicula is one of the traversal options we at Team Ninja are most excited about. This marvel of engineering allows you to instantly deploy a lightweight set of wings, perfect for gliding through the air. Players can sprint across rooftops, grapple to a distant height, and deploy their glider in midair, using the upward momentum to soar through the air. You can adjust your direction, speed, close wings at any moment, and get a stealthy drop on unsuspecting enemies.

Player choice

In addition to choices of combat and traversal styles, players can also impact Rise of the Ronin’s world with their actions during story missions. 

At one point in the new trailer, we see the player choose to help a character named Igashichi fight a group of hostile guards. This choice to help establishes a bond between these characters, lets players get to know Igashichi more deeply, and unlocks other game features. You’ll be able to make these choices with additional characters, such as Ryoma Sakamoto highlighted in a previous trailer.

Who you choose to develop a relationship with impacts how the story unfolds. However, there are no disadvantages to bonding with a character at the expense of another. Consider it even more variety for your next playthrough.

We can’t wait for everyone to immerse themselves in this world inspired by a compelling time in Japanese history. Embody a Ronin and forge your fate starting March 22, 2024.

Hey everyone, Foamstars Producer Kosuke Okatani here. It’s only about a week left until the release of Foamstars and I can’t explain how excited we are. From February 6, you’ll be able to join the party and take on your rivals in fast-paced foam-filled multiplayer action. 

What’s more, it launches as a PlayStation Plus February Monthly Game, so anyone with an active PlayStation Plus subscription can get and play the game at no additional cost. Everyone is welcome! (Foamstars will become available for purchase for $29.99 for all PlayStation players from March 5).

During today’s State of Play, we revealed what to expect from Season 1 and Foamstars as a whole. In addition to ranked matches and seasonal limited-time content, characters, maps, and even additional game modes will be released over the span of a year. In this article, I’d like to introduce some of the things that will be added through updates, and give you some information about the first season, Starry Pop. 

Ranked Party – Compete solo or with a team

In Foamstars, there are two types of ranked matches. You can compete solo in Ranked Party Lonestar or with a team in Ranked Party Tribe-Vibe, both of which will be available to play for during a specific period each season.

Ranked Party will be available every season and reaching the higher ranks will result in glorious in-game rewards such as player icons. 

Ranks are categorized into seven tiers: Bronze Star, Silver Star, Gold Star, Platinum Star, Diamond Star, Superstar, and Party Legend. Please try it out and aim to be a Party Legend.

Extreme Party – Get groovy with crazy rules

These are limited-time events that will be held on two weekends every season. Players will be able to battle with different rules that change each season.

In Starry Pop, two modes will be available to play: the first, all players will use Mel T and the second, all players will be invisible. In the latter, players will need to find and take out the opposing team while all players are invisible! So how do you find each other? Foam fired will stick to you and opponents alike making this quite different from your typical game mode.

Happy Friyay Party – Test out next season’s Foamstar

The Happy Friyay Party will be held twice a month on the weekends. While celebrating the weekend, players will be able to test out the new Foamstar that will be released the following season. 

In Starry Pop, you’ll be able to try out Coiff Guy so please don’t forget to join the Happy Friyay Party. 

Season Pass updates every season

The Season Pass which will be updated every season allows players to increase their tier by earning XP from playing the game. Rewards will be unlocked as player’s tiers increase. Players who purchase the paid Premium Pass will have immediate access to certain rewards.  

Style the Foamstars

We want everyone to customize the Foamstars to their preference, so we have prepared a wealth of cosmetic skins available to unlock for free or through purchase. There are also season-limited skins that are available to buy, so please check them out. 

 Upcoming Season information for Foamstars

Foamstars will have content updates over a year-long span with seasons updating approximately every month.

There will be updates to the Season Pass, Ranked Party, Extreme Party, and new skins available every season.

We also plan to release new characters, maps, and a game mode depending on the season. 

For detailed information, please take a look at the roadmap below.

I hope that everyone will be able to casually enjoy the variety of limited-time weekend events and lighter gameplay content that we are preparing.

I’m really looking forward to seeing you all at the Foamstars party from February 6.

Characters have always been the driving force in every game we’ve ever made*. Whether fighting beneath the ocean to assassinate Andrew Ryan or escaping a city in the sky with Elizabeth, these personalities have always been at the heart of our stories. But what if you could choose between who to befriend and who to stab in the back? 

With Judas (coming to PS5), we wanted to craft an experience where these decisions and how the story unfolds is up to you. Because you, as Judas, are the driver of every event in a story with a new cast of characters to get to know — and change — in ways you haven’t experienced before in our games.

New Judas story trailer from Ghost Story Games revealed

In Judas, we give you a whole new world to explore: the corridors of the Mayflower, a spacefaring city whose citizens are trained to spy on one another and tear each other apart for the slightest offense. Where machines control every aspect of business, art, and government. The ship’s leaders tried to turn you into something you’re not: a model citizen. And you sparked a devastating revolution to tear it all down.

Do you want to fix what you broke or leave it all to burn? That’s a decision only you can make.

*Well, except SWAT 4. But that was one of our favorites too.

Hello, PlayStation Blog readers! I’m Zhenyu Li, the producer of Zenless Zone Zero. I’m excited to share with you the exclusive announcement that Zenless Zone Zero will be coming to PS5. This blog post is your gateway into learning about the game and the adventure it will bring.

Hoyoverse’s action-RPG Zenless Zone Zero is coming to PS5

The urban fantasy world

Zenless Zone Zero is a brand-new urban fantasy action-RPG by Hoyoverse. In the story, contemporary civilization has been destroyed by a supernatural disaster known as the Hollows. New Eridu, the last urban civilization that survived the apocalypse, managed to thrive by acquiring the technology to extract valuable resources out of the Hollows. However, there are perilous monsters roaming within the Hollows and only a special kind of people who contain resistance to Hollow corruption called Agents are able to go inside. Players in the game will take on the role of a Proxy — a professional who can guide agents in their exploration of Hollows.

The game’s main city, New Eridu, is a living, breathing location with its own lore and mysteries. Hospitality, openness, and freedom are the foundations of the city and where disaster refugees, the displaced, and survivors from other settlements can find a home. From the lore-rich settlers to the culturally diverse neighborhoods, each area in New Eridu has its own story waiting to unfold. Players will encounter characters from various walks of life, ranging from Asha who runs the Arcade God Finger to the welcoming Tin Master at the Coff Café. These interactions are not just passing encounters, they weave into the larger narrative, making decisions and interactions pivotal.

Navigator of the perilous Hollows

Navigating the Hollows is no simple feat. In this post-disaster world where much of humanity has fallen, the mysteries within the Hollows are complex and unpredictable. One area might hold hidden treasures and resources, while the next could be teeming with menacing monsters and formidable bosses. The ever-present corruptive force of the Hollows also poses a serious threat, making the guidance of Proxies crucial.

As a player, you step into the shoes of a Proxy, a unique job capable of navigating the dangerous Hollows. Taking control of Belle or Wise, the innovative Hollow Deep Dive (H.D.D.) system turns your television into the Hollow’s maze, each area holding its own secrets waiting to be uncovered. Beyond the thrill of exploration, it’s crucial to engage with New Eridu’s diverse inhabitants, forging connections that enrich your journey. And during your free time, don’t forget to manage your video store to earn bonuses.

Fighting the enemy creatures

Zenless Zone Zero also distinguishes itself with a dynamic and exhilarating combat system that blends accessibility with depth. The game’s action mechanics are designed to be intuitive, allowing players new to action games to easily grasp the basics, while also offering layers of strategic depth for more experienced gamers. The combat system emphasizes skill dodging, precise timing, and the synergy between characters. You can also discover hidden maneuvers and powerful combos through extensive gameplay.

We can’t wait for you to join us in this extraordinary journey. Zenless Zone Zero will be coming to PS5 this year, thank you for your patience and stay tuned for more updates, we look forward to talking to you again.

Hi everyone, 2024 has just begun and it’s time for our very first State of Play!

The broadcast will be over 40 minutes long, and feature guest appearances from some of the most talented minds in gaming. Among many other updates, we’ll feature extended looks at Stellar Blade and Rise of the Ronin, two great games coming to PS5 this year. And we’ll give you a new look at other titles coming to PS5 and PS VR2 in 2024 and beyond. 

State of Play returns this Wednesday

The show begins Wednesday, January 31 at 2pm PT / 5pm ET / 10pm GMT on YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok. Here’s to a new year of great games!

Regarding Co-streaming and Video-On-Demand (VOD)

Please note that this broadcast may include copyrighted content (e.g. licensed music) that PlayStation does not control. We welcome and celebrate our amazing co-streamers and creators, but licensing agreements outside our control could interfere with co-streams or VOD archives of this broadcast. If you’re planning to save this broadcast as a VOD to create recap videos, or to repost clips or segments from the show, we advise omitting any copyrighted music.

We’re still swinging, soaring, and flying high after the recent release of the critically acclaimed Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

To keep the celebration going, PlayStation Studios Music is joining forces with Marvel Games, Insomniac Games, and Disney Music Group to present the Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Soundtrack Listening Party on Thursday, November 2 at 4:00pm PT. During this worldwide livestream event, we’re pulling back the curtain to reveal one of the main elements of the game – the music!

Join two of the heroes behind this blockbuster franchise – Composer John Paesano and Senior Creative Director at Insomniac Games, Bryan Intihar as they discuss the creation of the dynamic music score for this action-packed sequel and listen to a few of their favorite tracks from the Official Video Game Soundtrack.

Have a question for John and Bryan? Swing on over to Insomniac Games Twitch during the show for a chance to be part of the conversation. While the discussion will feature our special guests, you never know who else might stop by. 

John Paesano — Music Composer

John Paesano is a BAFTA-winning, Emmy nominated composer, producer, conductor, and arranger for film, television, video games and records. He is no stranger to the PlayStation / Marvel universe, having composed the music for Marvel’s Spider-Man (2018), Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales (2020), and most recent, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. John has crafted iconic themes for this franchise that uniquely helps to transform the characters into larger-than-life Super Heroes. 

Bryan Intihar — Senior Creative Director, Insomniac Games

Bryan Intihar is a Senior Creative Director at Insomniac Games currently working on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. As a 15-year veteran of the studio, Bryan has worked on franchises such as Ratchet & Clank, Sunset Overdrive, and most recently served as Creative Director on the Marvel’s Spider-Man franchise.

“Swing” – Out now

“Swing” made its debut on YouTube earlier this year and this hit song has been keeping our heads bouncing ever since. From Hollywood Records, the track is performed by Grammy and BET Award nominees, Earthgang, featuring Benji., and produced by Oscar and Grammy Award-winner D’Mile. 

Can’t wait? Check out Marvel’s Spider-Man: Official Game Series Playlist available on Spotify now.

There’s no telling where this musical adventure will take us!  Make sure to tune in to Twitch | YouTube on Thursday, November 2at 4:00 PM PT / 7:00 PM ET. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is available now, only on PS5.