A swag start – get to know me

PC Medicalist

Hey  you, call me PC (name from the community) or Medic a name from friends. It stands for Medaling Every Day In Computers as I live and bleed technology. I work on hardware for computers, servers, and develop website solutions. I’m an avid gamer. I started back on the NES, Sega consoles and PC.  At the games of my choice were Mario Brothers on the Nintendo, Sonic on the genesis and Chips Challenge on the PC.

I remember the first time I was with my dad and we watched a picture of the earth load pixel by pixel into a mosaic browser, at that time I realized the internet had been born. It was amazing to see this as a young kid. 

Now 30 tears later I am an active Gamer. I play games using a different approach. I take what I learned in school and apply it to game evaluations. I have played a wide array of game titles on PlayStation and PC.

My first full stream was on July 17, 2022. I have wanted to stream since 2009 when I created my channel. Life was always busy. I did create short clips for YouTube during this time.

I love to play hard games, so, you will see me play a lot of Soulsbourne game titles like; Dark Souls Series, Bloodborne, Sekiro, and Elden Ring. I do tend to lean towards the RPG genre when you don’t see me on an aforementioned title.

Some games I have played;

  • Chips Challenge – PC
  • Solitaire – PC
  • Oregon Trail – Mac
  • Word Munchers – Mac
  • Chess – PC
  • Mario Bros – NES
  • Zelda – NES
  • Sonic Series – Genesis
  • Zero Wing – Genesis
  • Tomb Raider – PC
  • Counter Strike – PC
  • Super Ghouls and Ghosts – SNES
  • Super Mario Kart – SNES
  • Mega Man – SNES
  • Mortal Combat – SNES
  • Ape Escape – PlayStation
  • Metal Gear Solid – PlayStation
  • Tony Hawk – PlayStation
  • SOCOM – PS2
  • God of War -PS2
  • Red Dead Redemption – PS3
  • Call of Duty – PS3 & Ps4
  • Dark Souls Series – PS3,PS4
  • Elden Ring – PS4, PS5 & PC
  • Sekiro – PS5
  • Wo-Long – PS5
  • Bloodborne – PS5


Thank you for visiting and See you in chat soon!